Important information about the harvest 2021!

In spring 2021, various spells of frost severely affected the Valais orchards and especially the apricot trees. The 2021 apricot harvest has suffered an exceptional loss of 85% compared with preceding years. As a result, it is possible that certain sales outlets may be unable to offer Valais apricots throughout the whole season.

The Prince of the Valais orchard

The emblematic fruit of the canton, the Valais apricot is produced by sun-drenched orchards. With an attractive reddish-orange colour, a velvety skin and a sweet, acidic flavour, it is one of summer’s indulgent pleasures and is equally at home in both sweet and savoury recipes: tarts, jams, juices, sorbets, stir-fried dishes, tartares and even carpaccios. Which will you choose? Buy the Prince of the Valais orchard from one of the many points of sale and put a ray of sunshine on your plate.

  • Facts and figures

    96% of Swiss apricot production

    is harvested in Valais orchards.

  • Facts and figures

    716 hectares of orchards

    are dedicated to apricot production in Valais, including 110 hectares of Luizet

  • Facts and figures

    Rich in vitamins, refreshing and sweet

    with only 48 calories per 100gr.

  • Facts and figures

    The cultivation area

    extends from Sierre to Vernayaz: 2/3 on the slopes of the left bank and 1/3 in the Rhône plain.

  • Facts and figures


    The apricot is rich in vitamins especially beta-carotene, an antioxidant which protects the skin from the effects of the atmosphere and the sun. It increases the body’s natural defences.

One thousand flavours

If the Luizet du Valais reigned for a long time as a master, since 1990 it has been alongside no less than thirty new varieties which allow the spreading out of the harvest. From the earliest to the latest, the different varieties of Valais apricots can be enjoyed throughout the summer.

from mid-June

High season


Vick Royal

Goldrich/Jumbo Cot

Tardif de Tain
Tardif de Valence

Recipes with apricots