An innovative economic hub

Mountain landscape with stones and lake, Val Ferret, La Fouly, Valais, Switzerland

Valais is the holiday region par excellence. But not only. The diverse natural resources and the intact natural landscape are not the only basis for tourism.

The canton has other aces up its sleeve: namely, a flourishing industry with cutting-edge technologies, innovative start-ups and future-oriented competence centres. They are just as much a feature of Valais.

Entrepreneurship in the Alpine Canton

Valais has a strong economic dynamic and entrepreneurship is very important. Entrepreneurs hone creative project ideas. Large international corporations such as Lonza, BASF, DSM, Novelis, Constellium, Synthes, Bosch, but also numerous family-owned SMEs cover a wide range of sectors such as trade, industry, construction and agriculture. Valais promotes progress while embracing sustainability by reconciling tradition, customs and revolutionary technologies.

Cutting-edge technology amidst the mountains

Who doesn't know the famous Silver Star at Europa-Park in Rust? But only very few people know that it was built by Bollinger & Mabillard in Monthey. The same is probably true for most Jaguar and Land Rover drivers. Are they aware that Novelis in Sierre designs the aluminium sheets for the car bodies? And we're not talking about Silicon Valley here, but Valais. Rich in intelligent innovation and high-tech, the mountain canton is a player on the world market.

Industrie Swisstech, Valais, Switzerland

A good breeding ground for start-ups

Valais is rich in diverse start-ups developing innovative projects. From coffee vending machines to biometrics to mountain rescue, creative people are working on forward-looking advances in all kinds of fields of activity. Moreover, the region is known for attracting and supporting businesses, especially technological start-ups. Among these are some working on more sustainable development for the Valais of tomorrow.

Recto Verso – Valais on the move

With top notch universities and a branch of the EPFL, Valais is committed to research and innovation. Excellence and dynamism are among the canton's qualities, as are recognised competences in information and communication technology, the energy sector and life sciences. Discover the innovative ideas and impressive projects in various video contributions that make Valais a resolutely forward-looking region.