A quality label for products

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The Valais brand label.

The Valais brand label certifies high-quality products from regional producers who care about their impact on the environment.

Promises of the Valais brand label

Supports the local economy

The Valais brand guarantees consumers that they are buying locally, thereby supporting the local economy.

Local raw materials and know-how

Valais brand products come from Valais. This key principle requires the use of raw materials from Valais or the use of products made from Valais raw materials.

Quality products

Every Valais brand product must meet strict specifications including stringent quality criteria.

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Citizen commitment of producers

All certified producers are committed to respecting the brand’s values and the principles of sustainable development.

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Independent controls

Products must undergo certification checks, carried out by a neutral and independent official body, to gain the right to display the Valais brand.

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The Valais brand label in figures

  • 4 sectors: agriculture, industry, crafts, cosmetics

  • 86 types of products

  • 287 certified producers

  • +1000 certified products