Valais. Engraved on my heart.

Mountain hut in Grächen, summer in Valais, swiss alps, Switzerland

Valais: a matter of the heart.

Expanses of rock and stone – and a people who wear their hearts on their sleeves. The history of Valais, and of the Valais brand, is born from the tension between these two extremes.

Valais touches the hearts of residents, visitors, entrepreneurs and investors. It kindles emotions that will never leave you. That longing for Valais, the joy of continually returning to it and the bonds forged with its people and landscape are felt equally fiercely by seasoned guests, occasional visitors, and people who have recently arrived to work, study or start a business. These intense emotions are at the heart of our brand and are succinctly expressed in the slogan: “Valais: engraved on my heart”.

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