Values and mission

Five key values

The five key values that underpin the Valais brand are humanity, excellence, movement, well-being and authenticity. They lend the brand a special strength that converts interest into fascination and establishes a powerful bond, transforming the canton into a true homeland where enduring friendships are born and every visitor becomes a new ambassador.

Key values
  • 1. Humanity

    A strong, honest and authentic character with a strong sense of community.

  • 2. Excellence

    A total commitment to sustainable quality expressed in all products and services.

  • 3. Movement

    The desire for freedom, evolution and dynamic progress.

  • 4. Well-being

    The pleasure of enjoying quality of life to the full and with a sense of humour, zest for life.

  • 5. Authenticity

    A natural environment that is unique, unspoilt and magnificent.


We want to tell people about our roots, our lifestyle, our history, our idiosyncrasies, our innovative spirit, and everything else that makes Valais unique. We want to invite them to share in our heritage and passion, and fall even more in love with Valais. Which is why everything we do can be summed up in one simple message: The best moments of your life are waiting for you in Valais.

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