Territorial brand

Aletsch Glacier with north side of the Eggishorn, Aletsch Arena, Valais

The Valais brand. Driven by emotion and a commitment to future generations.

Valais is both home soil and a world apart. This duality is part of the local identity: we’re proud to be ourselves, yet still close to others; our feet are firmly planted in the valley, but our gaze is fixed on the summits; our traditions are locked in our hearts, though we nurture a healthy curiosity for innovation; we’re hard workers with a strong sense of family. It’s vital to keep these things in balance.

This duality is also reflected in the canton’s relationship with its environment. Through thick and thin, Valais residents have learnt to live in harmony with nature and its rhythms, developing a profound respect for it along the way. The canton’s landscape and natural resources directly benefit tourism, industry and agriculture, and it is essential to protect them.

The Valais brand reflects the desire to preserve this valuable heritage at all costs. Focusing on today’s requirements while maintaining a long-term vision enables a sustainable and respectful approach to natural resources.

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