Meeting new people

Friends toasting white wine during a moment of conviviality.  Valais, Switzerland.

It’s never easy to move and (re)start your life in a new place where you don't know anyone.

Fortunately for all those who wish to settle in Valais, there are many ways to establish links with the local population and to participate in the social, cultural, political or sporting life of the canton.

Attending a welcome event

Just arrived in Valais? That's good news! Every month, welcome events are organised in the canton to enable newcomers to integrate as best possible through a wide variety of leisure activities. These are an excellent opportunity to make contacts, discover Valais and its inhabitants and share their passions.

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Joining a Facebook community

Have you already visited the valais4you community? This Facebook group is open to anyone who wants to expand their network, meet new people or learn more about life in Valais. The valais4you team will be happy to answer your questions, help you make contacts and make you feel at home.

Tasting of Valais wines. Wine glass Valais Switzerland

Join an association

In addition to social networks and participating in dedicated events, a good way to establish yourself in Valais is to be part of an association. Whether they’re sporting, cultural, leisure or political, these clubs are considered to be the cement of social cohesion. They are an excellent way to meet other people who share common passions and to experience certain activities as a group.

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Become a true local

Would you like to know everything about our history, our culture, our traditions and even, why not, learn the patois or the Upper Valais dialect? Or what makes up a real Valaisan dish? On our dedicated page, we’ll reveal all the secrets (or almost all) required to adopt a "Valaisan" way of life.

Leukerbad, 58th annual Gemmi shepherd festival, summer event, Valais

Attending events

Did you know that Valais offers a wide range of events throughout the year? Whether you are a fan of sports, music, culture or gastronomy, discover the canton's events calendar and meet participants who share the same interests as you.

Zermatt Unplugged competition, Valais