Dr' Jope

Dr' Jope - a jacket for the Valais

Dr' Jope [phonetically: "der tschoope"] is an Upper Valais term for a jacket. Damian Constantin, Director of Valais/Wallis Promotion, had long been toying with the idea of a typical Valais jacket, like the traditional Tyrolean one. He convinced Adrian J Margelist, an internationally-renowned stylist of Valais origin, and the Ecole de Couture du Valais in Sierre, which trains students to become "clothing designers", to join the project.

"Dr' Jope" has a clear vision: to embody the cross-sector promotion of the Valais through a jacket. The jacket is a symbol of the Valais, a region with a plural identity and a wealth of skills; a creative and economic hub, where young talents and outstanding personalities are born.

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