Quality labelled products

Brandies featuring fine aromas, intensely flavoured fruits, rare spices and golden cereals are the result of thousands of hours of sunshine that turn Valais into a garden full of tasty delights. Skills and knowledge handed down from generation to generation have allowed nature in this mountainous part of the country to be tamed, creating produce of the highest quality. Diversity, flavour, character, authenticity and passion – local products from Valais invite you on a journey of discovery through this unique landscape.

AOP-IGP products

With eight products bearing a protected designation of origin (AOP) or protected geographical indication (IGP) label, Valais ranks top in Switzerland for quality certification. Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and love of the land shared by local producers, the canton accounts for almost 25% of all Swiss products with the AOP and IGP labels. These quality marks guarantee that products genuinely originate from the region after which they are named and are made using traditional recipes and techniques. In the case of the AOP protected designation of origin, every stage in the production process – from the raw material to the processing and preparation of the finished product – takes place in Valais. In the case of the IGP protected geographical indication, at least one stage of the process must take place here.