ViaStockalper - Stockalperweg (Simplon Dorf -Gondo) closed

The Stockalperweg (ViaStockalper), a mule track developed more than 300 years ago by Kaspar Stockalper, has been revived as a cultural hike for several years now.

The third stage of the Stockalperweg leads from Simplon village to Gondo. The historic Alpine crossing runs along four generations of roads (Roman, Stockalper, Napoleon, National Road). Combined with cultural highlights and an impressive alpine flora in an imposing mountain backdrop, the Stockalperweg is a real experience. The sights along the historic ViaStockalper tell many stories. So that you can fully enjoy these experiences, we recommend that you walk the route in 3 stages. ViaStockalper hiking package In the footsteps of ingenious Kaspar Stockalper over the Simplon Pass. Brig-Gondo in 4 days. Price: from CHF 359 incl. hotel accommodation, luggage transfer, free PostBus travel, packed lunches, admission to museums, guided tour of Stockalperschloss and much more. Book here  

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Turn-by-turn directions

Today's hike is one of two variants of the last section of the Stockalperweg, which could be handed over to the hikers. This was probably the most technically challenging section, as it was necessary to overcome the Gondo Gorge, which was hardly manageable. 

Finally, the path was cleverly incorporated into the topography and can hardly be seen from the road. In addition, the network of roads and paths could be unravelled to such an extent that there were only a few real interfaces where hikers had to cross the road. At Gabi the Stockaperweg branches off from the route via Furggu into the Gondos Gorge. 

The partly original paved Stockalperweg leads to the ruins of a warehouse (dated 1676) in the Äbi which was not completed by Stockalper. The next interesting point on this section of the trail is the Napoleonic barracks at the entrance to the Gondo Gorge, with an exhibition on the history of Simplon traffic. 

Metal passers-by, footbridges and galleries on the national road lead through the imposing Gondo Gorge to Fort Gondo, where the path runs through the 300 m long connecting gallery of the fortress. Passing the ruins of the "Pont de Sapin", the last section of the path leads to Gondo on the left side of the valley. The connection to the Postbus network is also practical, so you can interrupt your hike if you like. By crossing an old fortress, even military lovers get their money's worth and non-militarists ask themselves how a life in these corridors is possible for weeks at all. 

Simplon Dorf - Gabi - Alte Kaserne - Fort Gondo - Gondo

Start: Simplon Dorf, post bus stop (1480 m)
Destination: Gondo, Dorf (852 m)

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Technical information

  • Altitude

    1474 m 853 m

  • Ascent

    120 m

  • Descent

    745 m

  • Technique

    Bewertung: 2.0 von 5.0 Punkten

  • Stamina

    Bewertung: 2.0 von 5.0 Punkten

  • Experience

    Bewertung: 6 von 5.0 Punkten

  • Landscape

    Bewertung: 6.0 von 5.0 Punkten

Public transport

You can travel comfortably by train (SBB) to Brig, main station.

There are several post bus lines available at the station.


By private vehicle or Postbus.


Parking is available in Simplon Dorf and Gondo.


Equipment adapted to the weather is indispensable. For all hikes it is strongly recommended to wear good, sturdy mountain boots.

Safety information

The hike is at your own risk. Insurance is the responsibility of the hiker.


"Wandern am Simplon"

The publication "Wandern am Simplon" (2008) is a veritable treasure trove for stories and facts from very different areas.

Dr. Klaus Anderegg, as editor, has composed the contributions of numerous authors to the impressive overall picture. On 368 pages eight routes of the unique alpine and mountain region Simplon are presented in a great variety of natural, cultural and historical treasures and curiosities.

Fr. 48 plus packaging and shipping costs; available from Ecomuseum Simplon, 3907 Simplon Dorf, ecomuseum@simplon.ch (ISBN: 978-3-905756-31-9)

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You can obtain the SwissTopo hiking map "Simplon" at the Brig and Simplon Tourist Office.