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Stockalper tower & Simplon ecomuseum

The museum is situated between Brig and Gondo and focuses on the Simplon Pass as a major European transit area. Despite being called museum, it is far from the hallowed halls one usually associates with this word. Rather it is glorious nature that tells visitors its history. And historic it is: the hiking trail one follows is an old muleteers' path, developed by the wealthy Brig merchant Stockalper. The trail begins at the Stockalper Palace in Brig. On it goes, to the village of Simplon, where the old inn (Museum Alter Gasthof Simplon-Dorf) houses a museum depicting the history of the vital Simplon Pass, well-known to merchants of the area. The hike ends in Gondo, once the home of the Stockalper Tower, which unfortunately was destroyed a few years ago in the terrible inundations.

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