Cani di San Bernardo


Barry Foundation

Formed in January 2005, the Barry Foundation took over the breeding kennels of the famous St. Bernard dogs from the Holy Order of the Great Saint Bernard Monastery. Since then, the Foundation has been the owner of the world's oldest and most important breeding centre for the Swiss national dog. The non-profit organisation is committed to ensuring the continued existence of the legendary St. Bernards and to preserving the typical hospice dog. Around 30 St. Bernards live permanently at the Barry Foundation and an average of 20 pedigree puppies are born each year at the breeding centre. The foundation has also set itself the task of bringing joy to as many people as possible through encounters with these four-legged friends, thereby actively contributing to a better relationship between humans and dogs. In 2014, the Barry Foundation took over the "Musée et Chiens du Saint-Bernard" museum and renamed it "Barryland". Visitors can observe the dogs daily, as well as visiting the exhibitions and discovering the history of the Great St. Bernard pass.
Since 2012, the Barry Foundation has successfully focused on animal-assisted operations in the social field, such as in private homes, schools and clinics. Some of the Barry Foundation's Saint Bernards are trained with their handlers to become so-called social dog teams.

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