Family activities

The Valais region is a unique natural playground and an oasis of relaxation and recreation for families.

Breathe deeply, explore and enjoy – for Valais will surprise you with its wide range of activities and family-friendly infrastructures that will turn any holiday into an exciting time for all the family. Whether walks and hikes, discovery tours in nature or adventures in leisure parks or in the snow, Valais has plenty both for children and their parents to enjoy.

Summer activities

Family-friendly hikes

Valais has a hike for everyone. Through fragrant larch forests, along watercourses, over suspended bridges, by mule paths or vineyard trails.

Family-friendly Hike Valais Wallis Schweiz Suisse Nendaz

Family-friendly mountain bike tours

Valais is a land of adventure par excellence, a vast playground for altitude junkies. This is where well-marked mountain-bike trails lead past rushing mountain streams and Alpine lakes, or wind their way over mountainsides and through dense forests.

Family-friendly cycling routes

Whether in the Rhône Valley or high up in the mountains: Valais offers a great diversity of cycle routes to match everyone’s needs, from Lake Geneva to the Rhône Glacier, from the valley floor all the way up to the fascinating Alpine passes.

Girl with her helmet taking a break on her bike. Valais Wallis Schweiz Suisse

Treasure hunt

Enjoy a treasure hunt with all the family! The family resorts of Valais offer guests a variety of specially created routes with puzzles to solve and missions to accomplish along the way. Armed with a treasure map, the whole family searches for clues together to solve the puzzles. This exciting activity in nature makes going for a walk fun for kids – and promises delightful shared memories. Each member of the family plays their part in the challenge: finding the treasure.

Go on a treasure hunt in Valais, holidays with children, family destination, Grächen, Valais, Switzerland

Wildlife parks

You will see cows, goats, ibex, foxes and even black bears living peacefully in their natural environment.

Wildlife parks, Arche de Crétillons

Recreational parks

Whether in water, air, steam locomotive or on the luge course: Valais recreational parks offer immense fun and are the best form of entertainment for the entire family.

Recreational parks, summer, Valais

Adventure parks and ziplines

Get your high at the Valais adventure parks. With a little balance and skill, visitors can climb right into the treetops.

Interpretive trails

An enjoyable experience for anyone wanting to discover the wealth of natural and cultural attractions in Valais. You have numerous options to choose from, with interpretive trails set to guide you on your way.

Interpretive trails, Valais

Pools and spas

On hot summer days, there is nothing nicer than enjoying the fresh mountain breeze or taking a cooling dip in one of the public open-air pools.

Winter activities

Ski areas

It couldn’t be any better: 2000 kilometers of pistes amidst the gorgeous Valais mountain world, snow guaranteed. A dream come true for everyone, from beginner to expert.

Skiing in Saas-Fee with view of Allalinhorn, winter in Valais, Switzerland


Tobogganing offers perfect winter fun for all – headlong rides down beautiful runs on glistening snow through snowy woods and enchanted valleys.

Tobogganing, winter, Valais

Indoor activities

Set off to discover the wide range of indoor activities for visitors of all ages at the foot of the 4,000-metre peaks of Valais.

Gymnast performing a salto on the trampoline at the Alaïcha Chalet, Valais Wallis Switzerland

Ice Skating

A welcome change to skiing and snowboarding - and perfect bad weather option for the whole family as they enjoy an afternoon on the ice rink.

Natural ice rink in Zermatt, Valais

Children's snow playgrounds

An ideal place to give youngsters their first taste of winter sports, these dedicated areas in Valais let children of all ages get used to the sensation of gliding over snow.

A child learns to ski in the children's snow playground of Riederalp, in Valais, Switzerland.