View of the Rhone Valley

Colours and flavours of autumn

Autumn in Valais is a season to be enjoyed with all the senses. After summer, with all its invigorating outdoor activities, and before the onset of winter, with its thrilling snow sports, autumn invites locals and visitors to enjoy the good things in life at a gentler pace.

Preparation of an abricot's cake


The great diversity and quality of products from Valais inspire cooks, both amateur and professional, to new creativity and send food lovers into raptures. In this section of the website, you’ll find traditional recipes as well as ideas for new creations using Valais products. Bon appetit!


Bisses are the historic irrigation channels of the Valais. A bisse is an open ditches delivering priceless water from mountain streams – often by daring routes – to arid pastures and fields, vineyards and orchards. 


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