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Top Events

Vinissima - Cellars’ Open House

More than twenty wine producers of Chamoson and St-Pierre-de-Clages open their doors during the weekend of Ascension. Information areas located in the center of both villages provide visitors with all information necessary for their trek: a booklet including the choice of cellars and restaurants and a map to find one’s way. Shuttle buses are available to travel from cellar to cellar, and taste at one’s own pace. Vinissima is also an occasion to shine the spotlight on "Johannisberg". The emblematic wine of Chamoson may be sampled in all the cellars.


Dates This event is already over. As soon as the new dates are published, they will be updated here.

26.05.2022 - 28.05.2022
Destination Chamoson - Saint-Pierre-de-Clages