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Lumina, the voices of light

In December, Saint-Maurice will host the 4th edition of Lumina, the voices of light. Light is the symbol of creation, knowledge and peace. It evokes knowledge, dreams, imagination, love, transparency, intelligence, spirituality. All these values can be transposed to Saint-Maurice for a unique celebration, based on culture, art and conviviality. In Saint-Maurice, Lumina combines natural light with music. This is its particularity, its originality, its trademark. There will be lots of animations to see, but also to hear, in the street, on the squares, and in the Abbey, with a concert given every evening in the Basilica.


Dates This event is already over. As soon as the new dates are published, they will be updated here.

07.12.2023 - 10.12.2023
Destination St-Maurice