Jun 21, 2024 8:00 AM

Jun 29, 2024


Lonza Arena
3930 - Visp, Torweg 3


After Sierre 2003 (active) and Oberwil 2015 (active) as well as Champéry 2002 (Junior World Championships) and Huttwil 2007 (Junior World Championships), the 2024 World Championships will be the fifth major event in this sport on Swiss soil. With around 30 clubs, street field hockey is a marginal sport with potential in Switzerland. The sport is inexpensive and is played by many a field hockey enthusiast in the school playground or in front of their garage. Often unknowingly, every ice hockey player will have played street field hockey before. A stick, a goal and a tennis ball and "you're in". The major nations in this sport are Canada, the USA, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. There, ball field hockey is a well-known team sport with numerous licensed players.

The two venues Lonza Arena (Visp) and Raiffeisen Arena (Raron) offer a very modern infrastructure and are both easily accessible by public transport. Admission to the matches is free, but VIP tickets can be purchased to guarantee a fixed seat. Note: This text was translated by machine translation software and not by a human translator. It may contain translation errors.


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