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1950 Sion
1950 - Sion

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Up the river to its source? Or down to its delta? Why not follow the Rhône, that "road that walks" of which Ramuz spoke? Why not get closer to the river and link the Valais of the plains to that of the valleys, the Valais and the cantons bordering Lake Geneva, "our little Mediterranean", but also strengthen links with the French Rhône valley? The Fêtes du Rhône tell the story of a long history of friendship between the towns along the river. These festivities had a strong popular and political component - offerings to the Rhône, parades, the planting of a friendship tree - but they also built bridges between science, engineering, business and culture. In this way, cultural events, scientific congresses and popular festivals coexisted in a fervent atmosphere. Program "Le Chant du Rhône" Multimedia choral show An original musical work has been commissioned from three composers, two poets and a sound artist, two visual artists and a performer: it will be performed in Monthey, Viège and Sion. - 05.09.2024, 8:00 PM, Théâtre du Crochetan, Monthey - 07.09.2024, 19h30, Théâtre de La Poste, Visp - 08.09.2024, 10h00, Ferme-Asile, Sion "The Rhône as frontier and link" In Monthey, the international scientific symposium "Mémoires du Rhône" will reflect on "The Rhône as frontier and link". September 5 and 6, 2024 "Merci Rottu" In Visp, a popular festival, "Merci Rottu", takes place between the Rhône, the mouth of the Vispa and the town. September 7, 2024 "Merci le Rhône" In Sion, in the Domaine des Îles, a great festival will bring together Valais choirs, families and visitors around recreational, cultural and educational activities. September 8, 2024 "Exhibitions" Four exhibitions on the Rhône will be held in Visp, Monthey and Sion, with different approaches (heritage collections, artists' photographs, development of the Rhône, photographic journey from the source of the Rhône to the French Rhône valley and the sea). From May to October 2024


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