Martigny region



Nestled between France and Italy, Martigny is an unmissable destination with superior offerings for festivals and culture. The archaeological walk is perfect for taking in the Roman ruins. La Bâtiaz Castle gives magnificent views our over the plains of the Rhône. The Fondation Pierre Gianadda welcomes the biggest names in painting, with a splendid sculpture park and the world's largest collection of Swiss motor vehicles. Meet the Saint Bernard dog in Barryland. Completing this cultural capital’s offering are sights and activities like the Morand Distillery, the Moulin Semblanet mill, the Museum of Science of the Earth, the Town Hall and Town Manor. Key events like the Valais Fair, the Festival des 5 Continents and the region’s time-honoured meat festival, Foire au Lard, attract many visitors each year.

Renowned for

  • Wine tourism

  • Cycling & Biking

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