Degustazione di vini


Domaine de Châteauneuf

An epic vineyard surrounded by rocky grassland, the Domaine de Châteauneuf – which is owned and run by the Canton of Valais – provides a haven of biodiversity over its 3.5 hectares of terraces. Welcome to the Espace Merlot, a modern building rooted in the history of the estate. Its sleek stone surfaces create an atmosphere conducive to helping you appreciate its wines, which express all the richness of the unique terroir of Châteauneuf.


Languages spoken: French, German

Opening hours:
From Monday to Friday, 9 - 11am and 1.30 - 5pm

Cave de l’Etat du Valais
Domaine de Châteauneuf
Espace Merlot
1950 Sion
+41 (0)27 606 76 40