Caccia al tesoro


Along the banks of the Fee Vispe

The trail begins at the tourist office and follows the Obere Dorfstrasse to the centre of Saas-Fee. After the church, the trail turns left along the Untere Gasse and leads through the old hamlet down to the Feevispa river. Beyond, an old path and a forest trail take you to Grundbiel, where you join the Suonenweg – the path along the historical “Suone” (historical irrigation channel) to the Wolfsgrüebe barbecue picnic site. Along the way, you cross the adventure forest (stop 3) and enjoy superb views of Saas-Fee. You also pass the Kneipp (hydrotherapy) facility (stop 5), ideal for a refreshing break. The trail continues from the barbecue site back to the Feevispa river. Take note: the itinerary does not cross the first bridge (stop 6), but continues up the right bank of the river to the following bridge. After one more stop, you return via Saas-Fee’s alpine pastures to the village (stop 8) and the tourist office.


Safety information and equipment: Hiking gear. Sun protection (cream and hat). Snacks and drinks. Bring a pencil for answering the puzzles. Take care around electric fences and when crossing pastures with grazing cows.
Suggestion: The Kneipp (hydrotherapy) trail located along the treasure hunt at Bifig promises a refreshing and relaxing interlude for all the family.
Public transports: Train to Visp. Then bus 511 from Visp to Saas-Fee bus terminal. From here, access to the car-free village is on foot.
Parking: A large car park is available at the entrance to the village.

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