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On the trail of the «Gogwärgini» dwarves

According to legend, Upper Valais was once home to hard-working dwarfs known as Gogwärgini. Today, visitors can discover their story along the Gogwärgi theme trail. The treasure hunt along the trail starts at the tourist office in Fiesch, where you can pick up a treasure map to guide you. Hand-carved wooden dwarves mark the eight stations along the 5.3-kilometre route, which leads through the village and up to the playground in Fieschertal. The walk back to Fiesch follows the Wysswasser river, whose source is the Fiesch Glacier.


Safety information and equipment: Hiking gear. Sun protection (cream and hat). Snacks and drinks. Bring a pencil for answering the puzzles. Eggishorn View Point: warm clothing is recommended, along with protection against the wind.
Suggestion: Try the delicious Gogwärgi cake from the Imwinkelried bakery in Fiesch. Take the cable cars from Fiesch up to the Eggishorn View Point for impressive views of the Great Aletsch Glacier.
Public transports: SBB train (Swiss Federal Railways) to Brig; then change on to a train of the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn railway (direction: Fiesch/Andermatt) as far as Lax.
Parking: Parking available at Lax, Fiesch and Fieschertal.

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