Special edition of the Bureau des Métiers

Special edition Bureau des Métiers

The Bureau des Métiers and Valais/Wallis Promotion (VWP) have joined forces to create a special edition of the Valais "Dr' Jope" jacket.

This jacket, in the Bureau des Métiers colors, reflects the excellence of the know-how and skills of Valais companies. Seduced by the innovative approach of a Valaisan garment, the Bureau des Métiers joined the project in 2018 with the idea of creating a common sign of recognition to enhance the multiple know-how with which the Valaisan economic fabric and the craftsmen who make it up abound. With the creation of a Valaisan craftsmen's jacket, the Bureau des Métiers wanted to send out a strong signal to enhance the value of their association's professions.

Dr' Jope - The jacket of the Valais artisans