Valais Specialties

Rye bread

Valais, birthplace of the AOP Valais rye bread

Good to know

  • Storage : in a dry, clean place – preferably in a linen, cotton or paper bag, or in a traditional wooden bread bin. The bread must never be kept in plastic or metal containers, or in plastic bags or in the fridge. Keeps for 5 days.

  • Events : mobile bakeries participate at fairs including the “Foire du Valais” and “Goûts et Terroirs”. Swiss Bakery Trophy every 2 years.

  • Ingredients : flour, water, salt and yeast

Criteria for the AOP label

- The designated geographical area comprises the whole of the canton of Valais. - The flour used to make Valais rye bread AOP is composed exclusively of at least 90% rye and a maximum 10% wheat. - The dough is made exclusively with water, salt, flour and yeast. - Valais rye bread is baked in a hearth oven for about an hour. The individual touch of an artisan baker ensures that each Valais rye bread has a different taste. - Quality control is carried out by an independent body to ensure that specifications are met. Once a year, rye bread from the different bakers is blind-tasted by professionals.

The baker stores freshly baked rye bread on the shelves Valais Wallis, Schweiz Suisse

Health benefits

  • Rye bread contains little gluten. The longer the fermentation period, the less gluten the bread contains.

  • Contains only natural ingredients: water, salt, flour and yeast.

  • No GMOs, no preservatives, no additives

  • This is a wholemeal bread that fully deserves its place in a balanced diet.

  • High in fibre and contains many vitamins – notably B2 and B6 – as well as magnesium, iron and trace elements such as zinc.

  • Contains little fat or sugar.

  • High in complex carbohydrates, rye bread satisfies the appetite for longer and covers energy requirements in a balanced way.

  • Rye cultivation is non-intensive and protects the landscape.

How to enjoy

With an “Assiette valaisanne” (Valais platter); spread with butter, to accompany cheese or meat; and at tea time or as a snack, with Valais apricot jam or Valais honey.

Recipes with rye bread

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