Colours and flavours of autumn


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Autumn in Valais is a season to be enjoyed with all the senses. After summer, with all its invigorating outdoor activities, and before the onset of winter, with its thrilling snow sports, autumn invites locals and visitors to enjoy the good things in life at a gentler pace. This is the ideal time of year for (re)discovering the region’s beautiful landscapes on foot or by bike, for example. As the forests take on their finest autumn colours, many local delicacies come into season: the perfect occasion to savour the highlights of Valais regional cuisine. Accompanied, of course, by Valais wines: after all, it is at this time, during the grape harvest, that the whole canton turns its attention to the lush vineyards and the exquisite wines they produce.

Flavours of autumn

Autumn is the perfect time of year for enjoying the cuisine of Valais to the full. Many specialities come into season as nature puts on its finest displays of colour and temperatures freshen. Dried meat, “brisolée”, game, pears, wine: discover the delicious traditional recipes that make imaginative use of our superb local produce. You can also enjoy all the flavours of autumn at one of the member restaurants of “Saveurs du Valais” (“Flavours of Valais”), which offer mouth-watering menus based around these typical dishes.

Some emblematic autumn products

Find out all about our autumn specialities in Valais, from pears to dried meat and wines. Every year, at the end of summer, gourmets look forward to the return of a mouth-watering range of delicious seasonal products. Also see our list of sales outlets where you can buy delicacies to take a taste of the Valais autumn back home.

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