Current situation in Valais

Valais offers magnificent natural spaces in which visitors can relax, find new energy, enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities and savour delicious local produce. 

Currently in Valais: 

It is compulsory to wear a mask in all enclosed places accessible to the public, apart from a few exceptions.  

It is also compulsory on all public transport in Switzerland, at stations (including on platforms and in underpasses), at airports, bus and tram stops, in enclosed installations such as cable cars, gondolas and closed bubble chairlifts, and in all queues and gathering places (counters, bus stops, etc.).  

Eating and drinking establishments open to the public (cafés, restaurants, tea rooms, pubs, wine bars and other similar or related venues) must close no later than 10 pm every day. 

Clients at public eating and drinking establishments must wear a mask when moving between the entrance, their table and the exit, as well as at any time they move around within the establishment, indoors and outdoors alike. Clients may consume food and drink only when seated at a table or at the bar, whether indoors or outdoors. 

At restaurants, no more than four people may sit at a table, unless members of the same family. 

Public eating and drinking establishments will also have to ensure contact tracing of their clients by means of a contact tracing app.

Leisure venues such as cinemas, theatres, museums, gyms, swimming pools, thermal spas, etc. are closed. 

Late-night bars, night clubs, discotheques, strip bars and comparable or similar places are completely closed. 

Gatherings of more than 10 people in public places and in private are forbidden. 

Travellers arriving from certain regions must go into quarantine on arrival in Switzerland. Further information and a list of countries with a high risk of infection are available on the website of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). 

Covid-19 : Specific protection measures

Tourist service providers are putting in place specific measures to protect their guests and offer them a pleasant stay in Valais. These cover a variety of sectors including accommodation, restaurants, spas & wellness facilities, meeting venues, public transport (trains, buses and boats) and mountain rides (cable cars, funiculars, chairlifts, etc.).

Numerous special offers and activities have been set up: 

We kindly ask you to visit the websites of our partners to obtain further information on their conditions of opening.