Rye bread

Valais, birthplace of the AOP Valais rye bread

Rye is the only type of grain which can adapt to extreme climatic conditions (the cold of winter, heavy snowfalls, summer heat and drought) and high altitudes. The key role played by rye bread in meeting the day-to-day nutritional needs of Valais natives is documented as far back as 1209. In other words, rye bread was a farm product with a long shelf life – one that was of fundamental importance in feeding the valley dwellers. AOP Valais rye bread, baked by master bakers, ensures that rye will continue to be grown in Valais, conserving the landscape. It creates a very valuable link between farmers, bakers and consumers. AOP Valais rye bread still looks the same today as it did 100 years ago. It is just as tasty and contains a lot of dietary fibre.