Certified Valais brand wines

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A collective approach to sustainable winemaking

The approach is designed for the long term and is based on thirteen measures focusing on the areas of winemaking, social engagement, oenology, heritage and communication.

Convivial wine tasting. Valais, Switzerland.

13 measures

For the first three years, vines must be cultivated using eco-friendly production methods, while the following ten years are devoted to increasing biodiversity and optimising water use.

Viticulture of the Future, Turtmann, Valais

Strict specifications

Wines must be systematically tested based on strict specifications in order to carry the Valais brand logo.

Das Wallis versetzt seine Berge ins Herzen dieses Festivals Winzerfest

The winemakers’ commitment

Certified winemakers commit to enhancing their plants and the soil alike by adopting sustainable methods of cultivation and production that respect the land and the people who work it, treating them fairly.

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