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Our women-only Bike Tech training will help you feel more confident and comfortable on your bike so that you can get the most out of yourself and your bike. We know it can sometimes be difficult to feel confident on your bike, but do not worry, we are here to help! Our female guides will be with you to help you master new techniques.

And the best part? Our classes are designed specifically for women and taught by women. We want you to be in a comfortable environment and learn from our experienced female guides.

You will learn ...

... how to adjust your bike correctly.

... how to control your basic position and weight shift.

... how to brake on paved surfaces.

... how to turn corners correctly.

... how to master balancing.

... how to perfect shifting.

... how to lift the front wheel and relieve the rear wheel.

... how to ride up and down steps.

... how to mount and dismount your bike off-road correctly.

Our learning goal for this workshop is for you to get to know and properly operate your mountain bike. We want you to be able to assess terrain situations correctly and choose the appropriate riding technique. The goal is that you will ride smoothly in easy terrain and have fun on single trails. We want you to feel more comfortable on your bike at the end of the workshop and hope you will benefit from this training.

Minimum of 3 people per group.

The price is CHF 35 per person (without bike).