The Delightful Bike Tour combines the Aletsch Bike Pass with the culinary offerings of the Aletsch Bahnen AG restaurants.

The offer comprises:

Cable car ride and bike transport on the following facilities:

  • All feeder facilities (from the valley to the plateau)

  • Moosfluh gondola lift

  • Bettmerhorn gondola lift

  • Wurzenbord chairlift

Travel and bike transport on the MGBahn train line between Brig – Mörel – Betten valley station – Fiesch – Fürgangen (limited capacity)

The following Gastro Vouchers, which can be redeemed in all Aletsch Bahnen AG restaurants/cafés (e.g. Restaurant Riederfurka, Bettmerhorn mountain restaurant, Alpenlodge, Bättmerhitta)

  • Coffee/Croissants

  • Beverage (3dl Softdrink)/Daily special

  • Coffee/Cake