Children's snow playgrounds

Children's snow playground Jeizinen

The chairlift takes you from Jeizinen to the winter wonderland of Üflänge at 1700 metres above sea level. Surrounded by a beautiful panorama, the two lifts in the Kids’ Paradise are just the right place to learn to ski. Practice makes perfect, and as soon as it gets boring on the pony lift, there’s a platter lift waiting close by. The children can use this without help and improve their skills further.

Gampel-Bratsch-Jeizinen20.06.2024 03:06


  • 18°
  • 22°
  • 70%
  • 5km/h


Exact location: At the top of the chairlift
Accessibility: Chairlift
Restaurant with view of the kids snow playground: No



Tellerlift, Kinder-lift, Parcours


1000 m2

Minimum age

0 Jahre

Supervision by children’s ski instructors

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