Toboggan run Moosfluh

A breathtaking scenic view is awaiting on the sledge run in Moosfluh, which stands out from other runs thanks to its location half-way between Riederalp and Bettmeralp. The day starts atop the Moosfluh cablecar’s terminus. Before sliding down the slop, the best view point in Moosfluh awaits: standing 2,333 meters high, the viewpoint over the Great Altesch Glacier is delightful. To reach that place, a short 10-minute walk is necessary from the terminus. Following this short excursion to meet the ice giant, a 5,3-kilometer sledge run is still waiting for you. The ride downhill is overlook the Blausee lake as well as the Gopplerlücke hamlet. Later on, the itinerary splits in two: the first path leads to Riederalp, below the Moosfluh station, while the second track drives you Bettmeralp. On your way down, the fortunate experience to live the dream take shape at the heart of idyllic landscapes in the Alps.

Riederalp21.05.2024 13:05

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  • 75%
  • 10km/h


Length: 5.3 km
Start: Moosfluh summit station (2334 m)
End: Riederalp (1925 m) or Bettmeralp (1950 m)
Difficulty: medium
Toboggan rental: sports shops in Aletsch Arena
Parking: Riederalp and Bettmeralp are car-free. Use the parkings in Mörel or Betten.