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Eggishorn via ferrata

Klettersteig Eggishorn


Exciting crossings, vertical climbs and amazing views. Eggishorn via ferrata is a unique experience, and although it demands sure-footedness, a head for heights and good general fitness, it is suitable for the less experienced climber.




1.36 km


3:00 h


Strong iron rungs, cables and rails provide excellent protection. Highlights for the more adventurous spirits can be circumnavigated. Climbing enthusiasts without mountain experience may tackle the adventure of the via ferrata with the help of an experienced mountain guide. The via ferrata can be reached from the top station of the Eggishorn cable car in 15 minutes.

Turn-by-turn directions

From the top station of the Eggishorn cable car, follow the high-altitude trail inscribed on UNESCO’s list of World Natural Heritage Sites to reach the Elselücke col, and then follow the path on the left to reach the start of the via ferrata. Along the route, you negotiate various obstacles over the course of about an hour as you cross the rock of the Fiescherhorli. An intermediate exit offers the chance to leave the route before it heads upwards again. The via ferrata then continues along the ridge, over the rocks and then across a suspension footbridge before reaching the top station of the cable car.


Mountain station Eggishorn (2867m)


Mountain station Eggishorn (2867m)

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  • Scenic
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  • Completely cable-secured
Getting there

Public transport

Frequent Intercity trains from all over Switzerland to Brig. Take the southern exit of the train station and change to the regional trains in direction to Fiesch. From Fiesch have a walk to the Eggishorn cable car.


Highway A9 to Brig, then take the cantonal road (19) to Fiesch. Coming from Lucerne region, cross the Furka pass and drive down the cantonal road (19) to Fiesch.


Parking at the Eggishorn cable car.


All climbers must wear a harness. Because of the risk of falling rocks along the route, a helmet is also essential. Ensure you have sturdy footwear and appropriate clothing, and bring a small rucksack with water and a snack. A suitable pair of gloves will protect your fingers and knuckles from grazes.

Safety information

Weather conditions: before setting off to tackle a via ferrata, it is important to check the weather forecast. Bad conditions can make climbing dangerous – particularly in stormy weather.

Rockfalls: because of the risk of falling rocks – usually caused by climbers higher up or by animals – all climbers are strongly advised to wear a helmet.

Safety: always leave sufficient distance between yourself and the climber ahead. There should never be more than one person between two anchor points.

Additional information

  • Local sports shops in Fiesch

Find more information about the destination here:


Eugen E. Hüsler, Daniel Anker : Die Klettersteige der Schweiz 


SwissTopo Maps 1:25'000: 1269 Aletschgletscher


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