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Glacier Bike Tour


The Glacier Bike Tour (GBT) is a ten-stage e-bike route from St. Moritz to Zermatt via the canton of Uri, following the railway line of the Glacier Express.




379.95 km


101:25 h


Departing from St.Moritz, this e-bike tour takes you to the heart of the Swiss Alps, through three cantons, over three legendary passes, along three iconic rivers, to the famous village of Zermatt. While the first seven legs take mountain bikers from the upper Engadine valley to Andermatt, the Furka Pass marks the entry into Valais at the tour's highest point, 2,429 m above sea level. There's no shortage of highlights here, with the first near the Rhône glacier, where the river rises before becoming France's largest, hundreds of kilometres further on. From mountainous landscapes to vineyards, from glaciers to forests, from Alpine parks to lowland towns, from riversides to the heart of valleys, Valais unveils a varied and exhilarating route, crossing the magnificent Goms valley, the Binntal and the town of Visp before heading up the Zermatt valley for a breathtakingly beautiful finish at the foot of the Matterhorn.

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Turn-by-turn directions

From St. Moritz to Zermatt via Andermatt, follow the Glacier Express route at your own pace and enjoy a variety of landscapes and breathtaking views. Departing from the upper Engadine valley, this tour will take you to villages steeped in history, legendary mountain passes, imposing monuments and famous towns along the way. Along the way, you'll be able follow Switzerland's iconic rivers, climb the Albula, Oberalp and Furka passes, traverse friendly villages with authentic charm, and take time to visit all the natural and cultural treasures along the way. Enjoy an unforgettable experience on this multi-day e-bike adventure, with highlights including discovering the source of the Rhône, crossing the Binntal Nature Park and arriving in Zermatt at the foot of the Matterhorn.



Glacier Bike Tour stages:


Glacier Bike Tour 1 to 7. St-Moritz - Andermatt

Glacier Bike Tour 8. Andermatt - Ulrichen

Glacier Bike Tour 9. Ulrichen - Visp

Glacier Bike Tour 10. Visp - Zermatt


St. Moritz (1,822 m) (1774m)


Zermatt (1,620 m) (1605m)

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Book a Glacier Bike Tour package and choose between an 11, seven or three-night stay while enjoying some great riding.

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Getting there

Public transport

Take the train to St.Moritz station in Graubünden, where your tour begins. In a foretaste of your adventure, the Glacier Express enables you to admire the entire route from its panoramic carriages.


From Zurich, take the A3 freeway, then the A13 to exit 22 - Thusis-Süd/St.Moritz. Follow the signs for St.Moritz for around 60 km, passing over the Albula and Julier Passes.


Follow the car-park signs in St. Moritz.


We recommend: a bike in excellent working order, a helmet, gloves and a bell, clothing suitable for the weather (always carry a waterproof), food and drink.


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Safety information

Use marked bike trails and routes only, making sure you observe all signposting. The Glacier Bike Tour route is under development and is not signposted. While on the route, you can find your way using the Outdoor Active app.

Kindly close gates after passing through. Please be considerate to walkers, as well as to plants and animals. As a rule, walkers have priority. When planning, take into account participants’ fitness level and ability. All riding is at one’s own risk.


Preparing for mountain bike outings

Additional information

Book one of the Valais Alpine Bike holiday offers! Choose between three, four or seven nights and enjoy some great riding days. You will be staying in bike hotels and will be provided with a daily luggage transport service; all that’s left for you to do is hit the trails! Go to the offer.


Glacier Bike Tour



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Get the the Valais/Wallis mountain bike map to discover the best routes in the region.

The tourist offices in Münster, Oberwald, Reckingen, Visp and Zermatt have got brochures and information material about mountain biking in the region.


SwissTopo Maps 1:25'000:

1250 Ulrichen

274 Visp

1308 St. Niklaus

2515 Zermatt


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