Preparing for mountain bike outings

In Valais, mountain bike trails will lead you into the heart of nature, into wild and unspoilt countryside, a good distance away from towns and villages. For your safety, make sure you bring everything you need so that you are prepared for the unexpected and can enjoy your adventure to the fullest. With our selection of equipment to guarantee a successful outing, nothing will stand in your way of enjoying the great outdoors. And, to ensure peaceful harmony between cyclists and hikers, don’t forget to show respect to others using the paths.


Safety and respect

Safety and respect

Embarking on one of Valais’s numerous routes for a mountain bike tour is an incomparable experience. It is important that you comply with certain rules of good conduct for your own safety, as well as to preserve the surrounding nature and ensure harmony with other users. Treating hikers with respect means that everyone can enjoy the great outdoors in optimal conditions. Don't forget to slow down, alert or say hello to hikers who are also recharging their batteries in Valais’s magical countryside. We all have the right to enjoy our time in the mountains.

Here are the rules of good conduct to ensure harmonious cohabitation between the various users of the paths, mountain pastures and tracks.

  1. Show respect
  2. Take precautions
  3. Stay on the trails
  4. Respect the environment
  5. Leave nothing behind you
  6. Accept your limits