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Chemin du Grand Bisse de Vex

The Chemin du Grand Bisse de Vex starts in Les-Mayens-de Sion, where you are soon on an easy path in a magnificent forest. The historic irrigation channel “Bisse” is your faithful companion along the way and serves to irrigate. Along the way you will discover a beautiful forest dense with larch and spruce. The route leads through the idyllic region above the valley. The tiny glades, the silent forest and sudden open views of the valley floor with breathtaking mountain scenery in the background will bewitch every nature lover. The path is mostly wide and repeatedly offers secluded picnic areas, inviting you to take a break.

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  • 16°
  • 85%
  • 5km/h


Start and End: Les-Mayens-de-Sion
Length: 8 km
Time: ca. 1 h 40 min
Difficulty: easy