The charming village of Eggerberg on the southern flank of the Rhône Valley impress visitors with his almost untouched nature and diverse flora and fauna.

The well-maintained network of hiking trails that includes the 20km Lötschberg South Ramp route – the classic high-level trail between Hohtenn and Brig with its Alpine and Mediterranean vegetation and fantastic views of the Rhône Valley – is every hiker’s dream.
The four valleys of Jolital, Bietschtal, Baltschiedertal and Gredetschtal, which run in a straight line from the Bietschhorn Massiv down to the Rhône Valley, are a scenic highlight at the heart of this UNESCO World Heritage site. The breathtaking Niwärch bisse takes hikers to the Baltschiedertal – Wiwannihütte fixed-rope climbing route.