Vallée du Trient



Located on the Mont-Blanc Express railway line linking Martigny and Chamonix, Finhaut attracts visitors who enjoy cycling, hiking and nature. For cyclists, the iconic Finhaut-Emosson stage, which was awarded the prestigious Tour de France label “Route du Tour” in 2018, is a must: time your ascent and see how you compare with the world’s top riders! If you enjoy hiking and nature, discover the Trient Glacier and the historical “bisse” (irrigation channel) that it feeds; the Tête Noire gorges; and the Emosson dam and Vieux-Emosson geological trail, along which you can see the fossilised footprints of dinosaurs. For spectacular panoramic views, enjoy a ride with VerticAlp (closed in 2022): three railways (two funiculars and a narrow-gauge railway) carry you up to the Emosson dam, a mesmerising and unforgettable experience.

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