The Turtmanntal region, consisting of the municipalities of Turtmann and Agarn on the valley floor plus the mountain villages of Eischoll, Ergisch, Unterems, Oberems and Gruben/Meiden, boasts one of the most unspoilt landscapes in Switzerland.

Cultural treasures await in Turtmann, the gateway to the wild and romantic Turtmanntal valley: the cultural heritage trail leads past historic patrician houses and visitors can also take a guided tour of the old sawmill.

The Turtmanntal valley is the starting point for countless hikes, including the ascent of the Barrhorn, the highest Alpine peak that can be scaled without mountain climbing gear. Botanists and fans of the natural world will find a real treat in Eischoll, where rare Spring Meadow Saffron grows, or in the Turtmann-Unterems region where Summer Pheasant's Eye blooms. The region also has spectacular routes for climbers, especially around the Turtmann Hut, and mountain bikers can enjoy the Lunggi and Lufu Trail in Eischoll. In winter, Eischoll has a small gem of a skiing area, including cross-country trails.


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