Throughout Switzerland, pump tracks have been experiencing a boom for some time now. And Valais is no exception. The topography lets you ride rollers and dips, small jumps and a variety of curves, with the breathtaking panorama of Valais’s four-thousanders accompanying you all the way.

What is a pump track?

A pump track is a mountain-bike trail up to two metres wide consisting of dirt rollers and banked turns. These rollers are used to generate speed through rhythmical movements, so that the entire circuit can be ridden as often as you like without pedalling. If a pump track is built properly, advanced riders will be able to jump from roller to roller, rather than just riding over them. Pump tracks can be made from natural soil, wood, concrete or asphalt.

Place Construction method
Bellwald Asphalt 
Champéry Excavated material  
Crans-Montana - parking Cry d'Er modulated 
Grimentz - au Clos des Frès Asphalt 
Le Châble - Espace St-Marc  Asphalt 
Le Châble - La "gouille à Vaudan" Dirt-park
Morgins  Gravel
Nax  modulated 
Nendaz modulated 
Unterbäch Excavated material 
Zermatt modulated