The mountains: a fun space to be shared and respected.

Our aim is to ensure harmonious coexistence between forest and mountain trail users, while respecting the natural environment and agriculture.

In Valais, hikers, mountain bikers and other users share the same playground, practising their passion mainly on mountain trails winding through fields and forests. To maintain harmony and tolerance between them all, the canton has been running an awareness-raising campaign since summer 2023 on the subject of cohabitation and respecting the natura environment and agriculture.

Here are the rules of good conduct to ensure harmonious cohabitation between all.

  1. Show respect

  2. Take precautions

  3. Stay on the trails

  4. Respect the environment

  5. Leave nothing behind you

  6. Accept your limits

Fairdinands, ambassadors of cohabitation.

You may have come across them on one of your outings: the Fairdinands, ambassadors for respectful cohabitation between trail users. They criss-cross the Valais during the summer months, providing information on the best way to behave when out and about in nature.

Trail clean-up days.

The Valais is renowned for its unique, unspoilt natural environment and there is no greater pleasure than walking along paths leading to crystal-clear lakes, fragrant forests or summits with panoramic views! In order to keep the environment clean and welcoming, a number of Valais destinations are organising volunteer trail clean-up days. Join in the fun and help preserve the beauty of our Valais landscape.