Chestnuts were once known in Valais as the ‘bread of the poor’. At that time, Valais was the largest producer of chestnuts in Switzerland, along with Ticino. Today, large chestnut groves can still be found in Fully and Mörel and are ideal for exploring during a walk. In autumn, the people of Valais enjoy serving roast chestnuts in a traditional dish known as ‘brisolee’ along with various local meat and cheese specialities, a slice of Valais rye bread and fresh apples.

The Chestnut Guild - Fully

The Confraternity of the Chestnut has around one hundred members. It was formed in 1996 in order to preserve the chestnut forest and encourage productivity.


The Chestnut Guild "Cheschtene Zunft" - Mörel

In addition to the two cultivators, the forest is also cared for and maintained by a guild. The guild has 170 members, including more than 100 from the municipality of Mörel-Filet.

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