Valais Specialties


The red gold of Mund

Good to know

  • Season: the harvest takes place in October/November

  • Composition: saffron comes from one species of flower, Crocus sativus L

  • Storage: in a dry place, away from the light. Keeps several months

  • Area of origin: saffron is produced within the municipality of Mund, a small village on the northern slopes of the Rhône valley, above Naters


All the work related to the cultivation, harvest and drying of the threads is carried out by hand. The plants may only be cultivated in the ground, and the use of genetically modified bulbs is forbidden.

Harvesting and drying are long, delicate operations that need to take place at a specific time. Flower harvesting must be carried out swiftly. After blossoming at dawn, the flowers wilt quickly during the course of the same day. Whole families are therefore mobilised to carry out this collective work, which explains why this expertise has been handed down from one generation to the next – since at least 1870.

How to enjoy

To taste genuine Mund saffron, you have to travel in person to the village to buy the spice or enjoy it at the village restaurant in different forms: saffron bread, saffron rice, iced parfait flavoured with saffron or in distilled alcohol.

Saffron is also delicious in risotto, soup or a sauce to accompany asparagus.

Recipes with AOP Mund Saffron