Fish tartare with green asparagus from Valais

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  • Nutritional value / pers.

    332 kcal

  • Total time

    80 min

  • Preparation time

    60 min

  • Cooking time

    20 min

Ingredients (4 people)

Fish tartare

Red onion chutney

Yuzu mayonnaise


Red onion chutney

  1. Peel and chop the red onions.

  2. Sweat the red onions in a little olive oil, season with salt.

  3. When soft, deglaze with the sherry vinegar and red wine. Add the grenadine syrup.

  4. Cook gently over a low heat for approx. 20 min. until the onions look like a compote.

Fish tartare

  1. Peel the green asparagus and put into boiling salted water for 5 min. Drain and chill in cold water with ice cubes.

  2. Chop the asparagus into 2 cm cubes. Keep the heads and set aside for decoration.

  3. Chop the cornichons, capers, shallots and chives finely.

  4. Chop the trout and perch fillets into 2 cm cubes.

  5. Put the chopped fish in a bowl. Add the cornichons, capers, shallots and asparagus cubes, mix well. Season with salt and pepper.

  6. Add the olive oil and orange juice and mix well.

  7. Put into round moulds and set aside in the fridge.

Yuzu mayonnaise

  1. Mix the egg yolk with the mustard and season with salt.

  2. Add the rapeseed oil in a stream while stirring vigorously with a whisk to obtain a mayonnaise.

  3. Add the yuzu juice, a dash of sherry vinegar and the zest from the lime.

  4. Set aside in the fridge.


  1. Place the tartare in the centre of each plate. Garnish with slices of green asparagus and Aomori black garlic.

  2. Place a quenelle of red onion chutney and yuzu mayonnaise beside the tartare.

Recipe by: Grégoire Antonin, Chef at Nouvo Bourg restaurant Saillon


Add a little orange zest for color.

Wine suggestion

Petite Arvine