Colourful salad of green and white asparagus from Valais

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  • Difficulty


  • Nutritional value / pers.

    200 kcal

  • Total time

    45 min

  • Preparation time

    30 min

  • Cooking time

    15 min

Ingredients (4 people)


For the sauce


  1. Wash the green asparagus, cut off the tough lower ends of the stalks and cook the spears for about 4 minutes in salted boiling water. Plunge them into iced water so that they keep their intense green colour.

  2. Peel the white asparagus and remove the ends. Cook for 10 minutes in the same water used for the green asparagus; remove when they are still slightly crunchy.

  3. Wash the cherry tomatoes and spring onions and slice.

  4. Cut the cooked asparagus into pieces.

  5. Mix everything with the sauce and arrange the asparagus so that the tips of the spears point upwards.


The fruity freshness of Johannisberg matches asparagus from Valais perfectly.

Wine suggestion

Dôle blanche or vin rosé