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The secret of the Mont d'Or gatehouses

The gatehouses, small huts in the middle of the vineyards, have witnessed the evolution of the Valais wine industry since the 16th century. They have been present in the oldest vineyard in the Valais, Mont d'Or, since 1848. The history of the Domaine du Mont d'Or would not be the same without them and these famous huts used for storage swiftly became a meeting place to rest or share a moment of relaxation. Through "Le secret des Guérites du Mont d'Or" package combining an escape game and tasting, explore the vineyard in search of the medal of the Mont d'Or estate. Decipher the secrets in the heart of the vineyards to discover where this legendary object is hidden.

Sion21.07.2024 13:07


  • 18°
  • 22°
  • 75%
  • 10km/h



Escape Game, wine tasting, local products


2 hours

Price per person in CHF

From 35.-

Languages spoken

French, English


All year round, reservation required

Number of people

From 8 to 21 people

View of the Cervo hotel with the Matterhorn in the background, Zermatt. Valais, Switzerland.

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