Roland Collombin

... his love of the Streif, his restaurant and his passion for skiing.

Born in the 1950s, the famous Valais ski racer made his mark on the history of skiing with a short but extraordinary career.

In 1972, he won the silver medal at the Olympic Games in Sapporo, later the crystal globe twice and finally won the World Cup eight times. A serious fall in 1975 brought his sporting career to an abrupt halt and forced him to retire. For him, the famous Streif in Kitzbühel remains the most beautiful slope in the world. Incidentally, he also named his restaurant in Martigny after it, where he welcomes us to talk about his career, the next generation of skiers in Valais and life after competitive sport, in which raclette plays an important role.

Podcast only available in French.

This Valais skier born in the 50's has marked the history of skiing with a short but exceptional career. Valais, Switzerland