Summer Highlights

A majestic alpine setting, bountiful sunshine and a Mediterranean climate: Valais is the perfect summer holiday destination for nature lovers. With its sparkling mountains, fragrant larch forests, walks along historical “bisse” irrigation channels, suspension footbridges across dramatic gorges, historical routes and vineyard trails, Valais invariably enchants walkers, cyclists, families and foodies alike!

Valais in a few figures:

  • More than 8,000 kilometres of marked hiking trails
  • 5,000 hectares of vineyards with 60 different grape varieties make Valais the leading winegrowing region in Switzerland
  • 1,500 kilometres of mountain bike trails
  • 2,000 kilometres of cycle routes
  • 10 Top summer experiences

    Meet the St Bernard dogs, emblems of the region

    St Bernard dogs
  • 10 Top summer experiences

    Visit a castle or fortress

    Castles & buildings
  • 10 Top summer experiences

    Feel tiny at the Great Aletsch glacier, part of the Unesco World Heritage Site

    The Great Aletsch glacier
  • 10 Top summer experiences

    Admire the crystal-clear waters of a mountain lake

    Mountain lakes
  • 10 Top summer experiences

    Tackle one of the 18 via ferratas of Valais

    Fixed rope routes
  • 10 Top summer experiences

    Marvel at spectacular geological attractions

    Geological sites
  • 10 Top summer experiences

    Explore the countless mountain bike trails

    Mountain bike tours
  • 10 Top summer experiences

    Spend the night in one of the 50 Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) huts

    Mountain huts
  • 10 Top summer experiences

    Admire the Matterhorn, our iconic pyramid-shaped mountain, famous worldwide

  • 10 Top summer experiences

    Savour some of the many gastronomic specialities of Valais

    Gastronomy & local products


Valais is a real paradise for all who love the outdoors and glorious views, with a tremendous choice of scenic walks – from leisurely strolls to challenging mountain hikes.

Cycling / mountain biking

Valais is one vast adventure playground for cyclists and mountain bikers: signposted cycle routes, dramatic mountain passes, spectacular panoramas and dedicated facilities from bikeparks to flow trails and pump tracks promise endless thrills.

Food and drink

Famous for its tasty Raclette cheese, its apricots bursting with flavour, its succulent asparagus and golden chestnuts, Valais is also known for its 5,000 hectares of vineyards and its 60 local grape varieties full of character.

Further information

Are you planning a summer break in Valais? Explore the different sections of our website to discover the top venues and attractions on our interactive map, and see weather conditions. You can also take part in our online escape game, “Escape to Valais”!