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Almagellerhütte, Saas-Almagell, Saas-Fee, Wallis, Schweiz

Authentic, charming, natural - that's how the Valais/Wallis Promotion video stories come across.

They offer unique insights into Valaisan stories, professions, traditions and crafts. Get to know Valais and its personalities from a new perspective. The video stories appear several times a year, sometimes in French and sometimes in Upper Valais dialect, but always fascinating.

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Fabienne Truffer and her Valais black-nosed sheep at Erschmatt, emblematic animals of the Valais, Switzerland

Small, frugal and cuddly – Valais blacknose sheep

"In terms of character, blacknose sheep resembles the people of Valais", says Fabienne Truffer with a laugh. Hear from the breeder what makes sheep's wool a fantastic product and why the animals are a perfect fit for Valais.

Ski and snowboard instructor in Bellwald

From flat Holland to the Valais Alps – Romanee Nieuwland found her winter paradise in Bellwald. As a ski and snowboard instructor, she enjoys the diversity of mountain sports and the comprehensive offerings right on her doorstep. Discover how Bellwald became her second home.

Christine Oguey and her avalanche dog Chulu, winter in valais, Switzerland

Christine, the avalanche dog handler

Christine Oguey and Chulu have a strong trust-based relationship. As an avalanche dog handler with the OCVS she and her dog search for people and equipment in case of an emergency. Training up close: the experienced duo offers an insight into their everyday life.

Wine harvest with Rainer Zimmermann

From the first cut in winter to the tantalizing vine blood in the glass: Join us on a fabulous journey through the Valais and experience the fascination and passion of Rainer Zimmermann, the winemaker and cellar master at Johanneli Fi.

Video, cows, herens cows, herens, valais, switzerland

The fascinating world of Herens cows

"Herens cows are not just a hobby, but a passion”, confirms breeder Horst Wyssen. He takes us with him into his barn, to the spring meadows and to the alpine pastures, where we can see for ourselves his passion and fascination for this breed."

Almagellerhütte, Saas-Almagell, Schweizer Alpen-Clubs, Saas Fee, Valais, Suisse

Hut warden at the Almagellerhütte

Built in 1984, 2894 m above sea level, sleeps 120 - these figures belong to the Almagellerhütte. Just like Gabriel Anthamatten, who as proud hut warden continues his parents' 40 years of activity. He talks about life at the foot of the Weissmies and lasting encounters with guests in the new video story.

Mountain biking in Valais with Myriam Saugy, moutainbike, Crans-Montana, Valais, Switzerland

Mountain biking in Valais with Myriam Saugy

"Valais is the Mecca of mountain biking." - Myriam Saugy will tell you why. While the Vaudois rides the trails of Crans-Montana with her guests, she talks about her passion, her work and the perfect biking day.

Asparagus production in Valais

A visit at Vouillamoz Fruits in Saxon. This short video is all about the delicious and versatile vegetable that is particularly popular in spring - asparagus! Passionate asparagus producer Ayméric gives us an insight into his work and his family business Vouillamoz Fruits in Saxon.

Snow grooming in Anzère

When a perfect ski day ends for us, the work begins for them. Snow groomers work hard at night to ensure that we have perfect skiing conditions the next morning. Bryan Bonvin is one of them. In Anzère, he is living his dream. In this video story, he talks about challenges, his team and his great passion.

The Tschäggättä are carnival characters in the Lötschental. Valais, Switzerland

The Lötschental Carnival and its Tschäggättä

In Valais, the end of winter is synonymous with Carnival. Each valley or village organises its own festivities; all feature adults and children dressing up in costume. In the Lötschental, for example, it's the traditional Tschäggättä.