Open-air art

In Valais, art has come out of the museums to make its mark on public spaces. Street art, graffiti, sculptures and mosaics decorate walls, roundabouts and even chairlift stations more than 2,000 metres above sea level. For many artists, these public spaces have become one vast open-air playground, where they can give free rein to their creativity, mixing a wide variety of styles as they decorate dull walls and add a touch of colour to structures with limited aesthetic appeal. Visitors can look forward to a thrilling cultural experience that takes in urban exploration, industrial architecture, street art and spectacular alpine landscapes.

Art on roundabouts – Martigny

Sculptures and other monumental works decorate 17 roundabouts on main roads in the town of Martigny: ideal to explore either on foot or by car. This initiative by the Valais patron of the arts Léonard Gianadda aims to showcase contemporary art and make it accessible to the widest audience possible.  

Discover on foot or by car the sculptures and works of art that adorn 17 roundabouts in the town of Martigny, Valais, Switzerland

Urban graffiti in Sion

Armed with their spray paint, talented graffiti artists from Sion add a creative touch to underpasses and walls with limited aesthetic appeal in the Valais capital. From the boarding around the Médiathèque media centre to the walls of the Blancherie swimming pool, and from the facades of the music venue Le Port Franc to the Matze underpass and the staircase of the underground La Cible car park, the graffiti adds colour to the town of Sion.

Equipped with their spray cans, talented graffiti artists of Sion beautify the subways and the less beautiful buildings of the capital, Valais, Switzerland

High-altitude graffiti – Crans-Montana

Crans-Montana is effectively a high-altitude open-air museum, with wall paintings scattered between the resort and the ski pistes. In summer, the Vision Art Festival takes urban art to new heights. More than 150 works by Swiss and international artists can be seen on the facades of buildings dating to the 1970s and on the walls of cable car and chairlift stations.

On the façades of the buildings from the 1970s and on the ski lifts 34 works by national and international artists can be admired, Valais, Switzerland

Twingi Land Art – Binn

The historical road through the Twingischlucht gorges in the Binntal nature park makes a dramatic setting for Twingi Art Land. This open-air art exhibition presents the work of Valais, Swiss and international artists who specialise in land art, a movement that makes use of materials provided by nature to create imaginative outdoor works and art installations.

Open-air art, Twingi Land Art, Valais, Switzerland

Photography trail – Verbier

During summer, the alpine pastures above Verbier turn into a scenic open-air museum. Created by the Musée de Bagnes, the photography trail, which runs from Les Ruinettes to Croix de Cœur, displays printed images fixed to wooden structures, each of which contains a table and two benches: perfect for leisurely contemplation.

In summer, the pastures of Verbier are transformed into a veritable open-air museum, Valais, Switzerland

Chemin des 700 ans – Bagnes

Created to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the Swiss Confederation, the Chemin des 700 (700 years trail) offers a round photographical walk in the Val de Bagnes. Along the way, stop to admire the 30 photographs on display – and also enjoy the opportunity to explore the valley’s pretty villages.

Open-air art, Chemin 700, Valais, Switzerland

Art on and around the Mauvoisin Dam – Bagnes

The Mauvoisin dam is the tallest arch dam in Europe, and every summer the top of the concrete colossus provides an exhilarating setting for an exhibition of 30 large-format photographs. Way below, the sweeping steel curves of a work of art by Michael Heizer form a thrilling contrast to the wild and majestic alpine scenery of the Val de Bagnes. This is the first of a series of permanent land art projects that will eventually form the focus of an innovative open-air art itinerary through Valais.

Highest arch dam in Europe, Valais, Switzerland

The sculpture trail – Nendaz

Wander through Nendaz’ enchanting forests and meet ten creatures straight out of local legends carved on the trees of the Promenade des Crêtes. Fascinating for lovers of nature and country magic alike.

Admire the native wildlife carved into the wood, Valais, Switzerland

Space invaders – Anzère

Where video games meet graffiti and street art: small coloured mosaics have appeared at a variety of locations in the resort of Anzère. Download the Flash Invaders app on your mobile phone and scan the mosaics to collect as many points as you can. Join the hunt, keep your eyes peeled and have fun!

Outdoor art, Space-Invaders Anzere, Valais, Switzerland

Torgon Natur’Art - Torgon

An art exhibition in the midst of nature, Natur'Art is an innovative concept born of a partnership between Torgon Tourism and the municipality of Vionnaz as part of the 1 August 2020 celebrations. The ultimate goal is for this event to become one of the resort's main attractions: a Land Art festival that welcomes new artists every year and holds an opening reception on National Day. 

Torgon sculpture in the snow, Valais, Switzerland